The goal of the Agreement describing the services offered by the library has been targeted at promoting a direct relationship with users.  The service providers, users and personnel are the protagonists who are responsible for implementing this Agreement.  In addition to being clearly expressed in the agreement, the rules, criteria and procedures must cohere with the way in which the service is delivered. All libraries, even those that comply with the minimum basic criteria (principles, standards, factors, complaint procedures, service assessment, etc.), autonomously and originally create their own document to highlight any atypical standards and make a comparison with the actual service delivery level of their library. The library intends to continuously improve its services and such new standards will subsequently be included in successive versions of the Agreement.  This agreement between the library and its users will contain reciprocal commitments and transparent rules.

The Services Agreement is the catalyst for the following principles:

A. Equality

There will be neither sexual or racial discrimination nor discrimination based on religion, language and political persuasions.  Access to the services is guaranteed to everyone with no territorial restrictions except for certain services whereby the library can impose this type of restriction such as inter-library loans or document delivery. The library shall endeavour to make its services accessible to the disabled or any other minority groups.

B. Impartiality

The way in which users are treated is underpinned by criteria of objectivity and impartiality in a just manner.  All users will be able to count on the full willingness and competence of the personnel to satisfy their requests.

C. Continuity

Within the scope of these established modes, service provision is continuously and regularly assured.

D. Participation

User participation is guaranteed in order to promote collaboration for improving services.  Users have the right to access information from the library that concerns them.  Users can submit complaints and requests, put forward observations and proffer suggestions to which the library will promptly reply within thirty days of their being submitted.

E. Efficiency and effectiveness

The library will operate under an efficiency criteria based on its resources (organising resources in order to achieve better results) and effectiveness (obtaining the most suitable results in accordance with user needs).  The library shall respect and protect the confidentiality of personal data, information searches and any reading materials examined by its users.



The main services provided by the library are as follows:

  • On site consultation, reading and studying
  • Consulting and bibliography information service
  • Internet access
  • Bibliography production
  • Photocopying and printing services in the library
  • Guided tours of the library
  • Promoting meetings, seminars and conferences

2.1 On-site consultation, reading and studiyng

The on-site reading and consultation service is free and open to everyone. Taking out and replacing materials in the exact place from which they were taken will be handled by the library staff.

2.2 Consulting abd Bibliography information

The library allows users to access information services by consulting with the staff.  The Bibliography Information Service is offered in library opening hours.  Requests for searches can be made to the staff dedicated to this service.  With the exception of particular needs, searches can be carried out during public opening hours. More complex and extensive research can be completed at a later date in agreement with the user.

2.3 Internet access

The internet consulting service is open to all users of the library. Consulting is restricted to the purposes of the study and research.
It is forbidden to download data or software from the PC in the library. In turn, staff are authorised to carry out checks to ensure compliance with the service regulatory standards.  The delivery of the service provided to the user can be interrupted and temporarily or totally suspended in cases of misuse by the user.

2.4 Bibliography production

On request, the library will provide the user with specific bibliographies based on topics in which he/she is involved, documentation activities and bibliographic research (to be paid – see point 6)

2.5 Photocopying and printing services in the library

Photocopying services are available to library users for reasons of study and research in compliance with the law in force (Law No. 248 of 18 August 2000, which in Article 2 states: “Photocopies of volumes or periodicals not exceeding 15% of the entire work […] and works of genius for personal use is allowed”). Please see point 6 for the costs.

2.6 Guided tours of the library

The library organises guided tours so that users can see the services it offers:  how the reference service is organised, how to borrow and return materials, how to find documentation, how to use catalogues and databases and access publications as well as access to research works by the Centro Studi.
Every now and then the Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti library organises reading workshops for schools.  For 2012 – 2013 it joined the “Regole scelte. Doveri e diritti di tutti” Workshops in collaboration with the Special and Specialist Turin library Coordination (CoBiS) to which the library now belongs.

2.7 Promoting meetings, seminars and conferences

The library is also a meeting place where experiences and knowledge can be shared.  The Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti library organises meetings, debates, presentations and other initiatives targeted at promoting knowledge and information on topics under its competence in addition to using its services.

  1. Opening hours and access

The library is open to the public at the following times:  from Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and from 1.30 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Any changes to the opening hours (for example in the summer, at Christmas and Easter) will be shown on the website of the Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti library.


4.1 Premises

In order to protect the heritage whilst providing services, the library uses rooms which are partially open to the public with reserved access areas.  These are located in Ivrea in via Miniere, 31.

4.2 Documentary collection and its organisation

The heritage of the library Service is made up of: modern specialist and non-specialist library equipment, periodicals, audio visual materials (VHS, CD-ROM, DVD), hard copy documentation of various types as well as degree theses.  The continuously increasing amount of the modern collection, today includes over 20,000 volumes, a collection of 187 periodicals (published by the Olivetti Company), documents on various themes (convention acts, grey literature, regulations, articles, etc.). The collections and services are not subject to any type of ideological, political or religious censure nor to market pressure. Users cannot freely browse the collection in the Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti library hence, they must request literature at the desk. Currently ownership is catalogued using Gea software personalised with bibliographic cards for library cataloguing.
In the Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti library, the current catalogue can be consulted via 2 workstations open to the public.
Should users encounter difficulties using computers, they can address their queries to the staff or ask for help.

4.3 Personnel

The personnel working in the library all have specific professional skills and are continuously updated in their own fields of expertise.

4.4 IT tools

Two PCs can be used to consult the online catalogues at the library. Users can use their own PCs (with the audio turned off) and connect to the library network in accordance with the modes indicated by the operators.  However, the library accepts no responsibility for damages to the equipment and/or data of the users for whatever reason.

  1. Information and participation

The library will inform its current and potential users in the broadest possible way on the activities and resources that can be found in the library. To stay updated, go to the Association’s website, the Olivetti, storia di un’Impresa Association’s website, send an email or go to the Facebook page.
The library will periodically carry out user surveys to acquire their feedback on the quantity and quality of all the services it provides and more generally on the quality of the service supplied.

5.1 Rights and obligations

Everyone involved in the organisation or fruition of the library service has rights and obligations.
In particular, staff must:

  • guarantee free access to documents, information and services available in the library.
  • help the users in a polite, proper, willing, impartial, confidential and non-discriminatory manner in their searches

Users must:

  • respect the rules, the provisions of the library and deadlines.
  • respect the opening hours, the basic standards for proper and civilised behaviour, keep silent in the reading room and not violate the non-smoking rule.
  • deposit their bags, folders, rucksacks and personal effects in the designated areas.
  • keep their mobiles turned off or lower the ring tone and leave the library should they get a call.
  • respect the documents and furnishings and not damage or compromise their integrity and good preservation.
  • be polite, act properly and collaborate with the staff.

The staff can turn away or suspend anyone from using one or even all the services if the conservation, consultation and document borrowing rules are not respected, if damage is done to the furnishings in the library and if someone acts in an improper manner towards the other people present and the staff.

5.2 Protecting user rights

5.2.1 Complaints

Users have the right to complain should the commitments undertaken by the library in the Services Agreement are not met.
Complaints must contain the full name, address and contact details of the complainant and can be submitted in writing or sent by fax or email.  You can request a form from the staff.  No anonymous complaints will be taken into consideration.  Replies to complaints will arrive within 30 days.  At the same time, procedures will be started up to remove the cause of any disservice.
Dissatisfied users have the right to submit their complaints to the Administration bodies.

5.2.2 Book Wish list

Users can suggest that books be purchased by consulting the staff and filling out a form.  Requests will be scrutinised by the Librarian and registered on the purchasing list.  Should the texts suggested by users not be acquired this may be due to one of the following reasons:  it cannot be found on the market, the Librarian’s assessment concerning the cost or pertinence to the heritage collection is negative.


6.1 Photocopying service

A4 format: € 0,50
A3 format: € 1,00

6.2 Consulting charge

Production of annotated bibliographies and bibliographic documentation and research user requests: € 20,00 per hour.


Users making a request have the right to a copy of the Centro Studi library services agreement.  The clauses in this services agreement may be modified at any time on the approval of the Manager of the Centro Studi.
It is the task of the Service Manager to promptly inform users of any such modifications.

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