Olivetti, storia di un’impresa is a project run by the Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti set up with the goal of dedicating a specific website to the extraordinary industrial history of Olivetti.  This website is aimed at offering everyone, especially the younger generations, analysts, industry scholars, the technological innovation and research world and communication providers the chance to learn more about a range of aspects in the history of a company which played such an important role in Italian industry and society.

The user friendly website offers a series of “paths” (texts, images, documents, films…) linked to nine great topics of the company’s life that reconstruct and highlight the cultural and industrial values that were the trademark of an enterprise whose style was unmistakeable.

In this way the great wealth of documents and knowledge preserved by the Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti is to some extent made available to the public in brief summaries that can stimulate greater curiosity, more in-depth research or even by those surfing the net of additional information useful for broadening or clarifying the topics covered.

The more extensive and active the collaboration of those surfing the net leaves little doubt that the thousands of events and aspects of over a century of industrial history may be recalled and recounted in a livelier and more accurate way.

The bibliography glossary on the site could be gradually enriched by reports sent in from users on books, magazines and articles.

This website is not intended to be limited to merely mere re-enacting historic events.  It also targeted at drawing attention to the current entrepreneurial values that underpin genuine industrial culture by highlighting the belief that knowledge of past history can help to shape and build the future.

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