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My Olivetti is a cultural initiative to collect, conserve and enhance the “voices” of an entire community which actively contributes to a process of recognising, constructing and sharing local collective memory in relation to the history of the Olivetti factory, in Italy and around the world. The interviews produced and given by the people, narrators and protagonists of the project, become part of Olivetti’s historical heritage, become public stories and can be consulted on the My Olivetti digital platform and physically at the Visitor Centre in Ivrea, a 20th-century industrial city. In this corner of Olivetti you can give your own interview and consult the audio-video heritage already available.

The initiative grew out of a project by the Olivetti Historical Archive Association and the National Cinema Enterprise Archive, in collaboration with the Olivetti Spille d’Oro Association, the Natale Capellaro Foundation – Tecnologic@mente Museum Laboratory and the Adriano Olivetti Foundation. The project’s technological partner is Nuvolar srl.

My Olivetti is supported by the Municipality of Ivrea through a project financed under Law no. 77 of 20 February 2006, “Special measures for the protection and use of Italian sites and elements of cultural, landscape and environmental interest, included in the ‘World Heritage List’, placed under the protection of UNESCO”.

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