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Living the dream of a large company.
The Bellavista district.

CODE: 32553

Training level: Level II Degree Courses (specialist/master’s degree – 2 years after obtaining
a Level I Degree) and Old University System (5 years)

Courses of study: Spatial Planning, Urban Planning and Environmental Landscape

Main internship areas: Research


Conduct a series of scheduled interviews, survey, collect and study
oral sources of homeowners in the Bellavista district, the last of the
neighbourhoods built by the Olivetti Company (from 1956, designed by L. Piccinato
and subsequently other architects, including O. Cascio and E. Sgrelli), relating them to
archival sources, to understand the living experience and social profiles
of residents in the context of Olivetti housing policies. The project aims to investigate
the relationship between factory and community: historically (multiple
project proposals, urban plans and INA Casa programmes);
from a socio-cultural perspective, in relation to the transformations of society in
half a century of upheaval and in the current context; and in terms of urban planning, in relation
to the planning, implementation and transformation of a significant part of
the city of Ivrea and to an analysis of the public spaces and facilities provided.


the candidate must understand and speak Italian fluently;
must have completed a course of study focused on the history of architecture
and urban planning in the twentieth century and on the transformations of urban areas and
of productive development, including industrial development, as well as national policies
for the reconstruction of buildings, and social housing in particular, in the post-war period.
Strong preference given to have courses completed in Sociologia dell’Ambiente
e del Territorio (Environmental and Local Sociology). The candidate is invited to read C. Olmo (ed.), Construire
la città dell’uomo. Adriano Olivetti e l’urbanistica (2001) and C. Olmo,
P. Bonifazio, L. Lazzarini, Le case Olivetti a Ivrea, L’Officio Consulenza Case
Dipendenti ed Emilio A. Tarpino, with photographs by Paolo Mazzo (2018).

VENUE Via Miniere, 31 – 10015 Ivrea (TO)

Positions: 1
Applications open until: 24/02/2021

For information and CV submission
Marcella Turchetti – Olivetti Historical Archive Association
Via Miniere, 31 – 10015 Ivrea (TO)
Tel. 0125


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