26 February 2024

International Congress – 1st State of the Industrial Heritage in Argentina

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Articolo di Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti

February 26 – 27 – 28, 2024
Cities of Buenos Aires and Campana

The Historical Archive Olivetti Association is participating in the International Congress aimed at providing an open and inclusive space to discuss both practical experiences and theories regarding industrial and entrepreneurial heritage and their connection with social sciences in general, and with history, architecture, and economy in particular. The main objective is to stimulate a debate on which theoretical and practical approaches have been used in various disciplines in recent years, emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary studies on industrial heritage in Argentina.

Furthermore, the Congress aims to strengthen the ties between academic and professional institutions involved and to involve private enterprises and civil society in the discussion on enhancing Argentine industrial and entrepreneurial heritage.

The discussion axes for the development of the Congress have been organized into 4 main themes:

  1. History, memory, and culture of companies and industrial labor.
  2. Machines and architectures, cities and infrastructures, territories and landscapes of industry.
  3. Archives, museums, and industrial tourism.
  4. Restoration, reuse, green transition, and regeneration practices.

In the morning panel on Wednesday, February 28th, Gaetano di Tondo, President of the Historical Archive Olivetti Association, participates in the Congress alongside Professor Pier Paolo Peruccio from the Polytechnic University of Turin with a presentation titled Olivetti, a story of innovation between Italy and Latin America: design, architecture, industry, and community.

It is possible to follow the congress live on the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella’s YouTube channel

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