12 December 2023

Olivetti Legacy 22 is born, the first NFT of the Olivetti Collection.

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Articolo di Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti

December 2, 2023

Olivetti Legacy 22 is born, the first NFT of the Olivetti Collection by the Olivetti Historical Archive Association and Bistamps

The famous Olivetti typewriter, an icon of an era and a symbol of Made in Italy excellence on the international stage, becomes the protagonist of an exclusive NFT

After the issuance of over 20 digital stamps dedicated to the great design of Olivetti, a result of the collaboration between Bitstamps and the Olivetti Historical Archive Association, “Olivetti, Legacy 22” is born, the first NFT of the “Olivetti Collection,” launched on the occasion of the second edition of the International Conference on Industrial Tourism in Ivrea.

A significant day and stage for the new chapter of a successful partnership, marking another step in the daily and innovative storytelling that the Olivetti Historical Archive Association has been employing for years, using new, digital methods that are attentive to the targets of the future. The project with Bistamps is a renewal of its international perspective, contributing to a narrative built on values and culture, starting from the Canavese territory, which includes the UNESCO World Heritage site ‘Ivrea, industrial city of the 20th century.

An international icon of Made in Italy, the Lettera 22, designed in 1950 by Marcello Nizzoli as a perfect synthesis of form and function, continues to inspire creatives and designers worldwide and once again renews its own story.

From today, enthusiasts and digital collectors worldwide have the opportunity to own an original, dynamic object inspired by the famous portable, which has already become a protagonist in museum collections worldwide, including the ADI Design Museum, Triennale Milano, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Enrico Petocchi, CEO of Bitstamps SRL, comments,“The partnership with Olivetti is a source of great pride for Bitstamps, and the collaboration with the Olivetti Historical Archive Association is further confirmation of how Digital Assets can be effective, innovative, and versatile tools for strengthening the brand’s image and the level of engagement of its user communities. The issuance of the first NFT – a unique work reproduced in only 10 copies – is addressed to the international audience of digital asset and exclusive Olivetti object collectors, a brand synonymous with innovation and modernity for decades, culture, art, design, and attention to the value of human capital.

Limited to 10 exclusive copies, the NFT evocatively captures the essence of an entire era, allowing owners to possess a diamond of Italian design history while offering them an immersive visual experience that evokes the beauty of Olivetti’s visionary approach.

Olivetti Legacy 22” is available for purchase on the Opensea platform until 31/12/2023, unless closed earlier due to the complete exhaustion of the 10 copies on offer. In addition to the option to resell the NFT on Opensea itself, starting from 15/01/2024, Digital Spirits SRL will support, directly and through Digital Exchanges and/or Marketplaces, the development of a secondary market for Olivetti Legacy 22. Further announcements will be issued upon the conclusion of the offer and the start of secondary market activity.

Own a chapter of Olivetti’s innovation history. Be part of the Legacy.

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