Camillo Olivetti. Alle radici di un sogno (“At the roots of a dream”)

Cod.: COM0012

Box containing book plus DVD.
In 1908, Camillo Olivetti founded Italy’s first typewriter factory in Ivrea, thus giving rise to one of Italy’s most fascinating industrial stories, later brought to international success and consigned to legend by his son Adriano. An entrepreneur, inventor, and political activist, Camillo’s personality is very different from Adriano’s; but you cannot fully understand one without knowing the other, and you cannot understand Camillo without experiencing this performance that tells his voice and story.
Laura Curino and Gabriele Vacis bring the story of Camillo Olivetti to life. It is the women of his family, his mother Elvira and his wife Luisa, who tell the story, although there are many voices that intertwine in this show: from the restless and at times comical voice of Camillo himself, to those of his workers, to the voices of the inhabitants of Ivrea, always poised between distrust and admiration for this eccentric and brilliant inventor who would turn the placid life of a provincial town upside down forever.

Author: Laura Curino, Gabriele Vacis, Laura Volta
Directed by: Gabriele Vacis
Production: Muse Cultural Association, Teatro Stabile di Torino
Publisher: Edizioni di Comunità
Year: 2017
Language: Italian
Duration: 75 min
ISBN: 9788898220670


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29 in stock

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