Linguaggi nella società e nella tecnica 1968-2018 (Languages in Society and Technology 1968–2018)

Cod.: ASO0821

Languages in Society and Technology is the title of an international conference that the Olivetti Society organised in Milan in October 1968, at the National Museum of Science and Technology, for the centenary of the birth of Camillo Olivetti, the founder of the factory. In order to emphasise the continuity of the thought and deeds of Camillo – a man of science and technology – the organising committee of the conference felt that the study of languages as a representation of society and as a measure and instrument of its degree of innovation, could effectively commemorate his person and constitute a valid cultural and scientific contribution. In particular, the central role of culture in giving direction to industrial, technological, and therefore economic and social choices was recognised. In 2018, we wanted to reflect again on the themes of that conference, to try to question the relevance or otherwise of the function that culture and ethics have in relation to new languages and new places of knowledge. Returning to that conference also meant recognising the vision of a company that, at a time of great industrial and manufacturing growth, reaffirmed the primacy of culture over technology.
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Introduction: Luciano Floridi
Publisher: Olivetti Historical Archive Association
Year: 2021
Language: Italian
Format: PDF
Pages: 271

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