Le Grand Meaulnes

Cod.: STR0017

Le Grand Meaulnes is one of the Strenna editions that Olivetti began producing in 1972 as Christmas gifts: a series of celebrated literary masterpieces, illustrated using specially commissioned drawings by contemporary artists.
Known as the “novel of knowledge and the “dream”, it was published in 1913 by Alain Fournier and is his only novel, as he died at only twenty-seven years of age during the Great War from a German bullet.
An enchanted atmosphere, suspended between reality and dream, between adventure and fairytale, constitutes the unique charm of the novel in which the beloved world of childhood resurfaces and intertwines with the more hidden and secret world of images and creatures that populate our imagination: gypsies and acrobats, children in masks, mysterious castles. The magical encounter between the protagonist and a sweet maiden of extraordinary beauty, an absolute, unforgettable love, but precisely for this reason impossible to realise in everyday life, will end with a renunciation: the adolescent’s renunciation of the magical and unrepeatable adventure of childhood.
The illustrations in the volume are by the Genoese painter Giovanni Grasso Fravega.

Author: Alain-Fournier
Illustrations: Giovanni Grasso Fravega
Publisher: Olivetti
Language: Italian
Year: 1997
Size: 25.5 x 32.3 cm
Pages: 184


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