Memorie scritte da lui medesimo

Cod.: STR0016

Memorie scritte da lui medesimo is one of the Strenna editions that Olivetti began producing in 1972 as Christmas gifts: a series of celebrated literary masterpieces, illustrated using specially commissioned drawings by contemporary artists.
In the great book of his memoirs, there is nomadism and a taste for adventure, a love of play, cheekiness and amorality, an intolerance for all discipline. Pleasure houses, gambling halls, theatres, hotels and aristocratic palaces are the stage for his exploits, narrated with a vivid imagination in compelling prose. An exploiter of others’ weaknesses, cynical, mocking, and proud of his own fortune and talent, Casanova leaves us a smug self-portrait but also delivers the spiritual testament of a society and an era now in its twilight years.
The illustrations in this edition, with their subtle, elegant style, are by painter, engraver and illustrator, Rosario Morra.

Author: Giovanni Giacomo Casanova
Illustrated by: Rosario Morra
Publisher: Olivetti
Language: Italian
Year: 1996
Size: 25.5 x 32.3 cm
Pages: 250


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