OT L22 Type

Cod.: OTL22Type


An acronym for “Olivetti Type Lettera 22”, OT L22 is a type design project that is inspired by the founding principles of the Olivetti experience and style: Italian character, mobility, lightness and beauty.
The font, created on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the birth of the iconic Lettera 22, is a celebration of the Olivetti style, a symbol of Italian and global creativity. The font is designed by the Cappelli Identity Design studio by Emanuele Cappelli, Fabio Zanino, Antonio Pace and Lorenzo Properzi and created in collaboration with the Olivetti Historical Archive Association.
OT L22 Type, released as the first version in bold, today it is enriched with new font weights and the variableversion. The homage to the world of Olivetti and the eternal Lettera 22 is completed, thanks to new technical features, which can be used on any digital or traditional device, in response to the needs of the present.

Concept and engineering
The design of the OT L22 is the result of a fusion of formal historical research and a specific analysis of the context of the 1950s, creatively reinterpreted in a contemporary way. From a taxonomic point of view, the design falls into the category of the first “grotesque” and “Gothic” characters that appeared at the end of the 19th century as responses to the changes triggered by the Industrial Revolution and that inevitably influenced the Olivetti company’s communication style.
Engineered with Open Type Format and Web Open Font Format, OT L22 represents an unprecedented project, in which historical and technical knowledge flow into an authorial interpretation that makes the new font completely original from a formal and technological point of view.

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