P101, when Italy invented the personal computer

Cod.: COM0005

In 1964, Pier Giorgio Perotto and his collaborators designed and produced Programma 101, the world’s first personal computer. A computer designed for everyone, which envisaged a direct, personal relationship between the user and the machine, or, to put it in more ideal terms, between humans and technology. This desktop computer produced in Ivrea was used by NASA for the Apollo 11 mission, proving that designing on a human scale is what enables humanity to reach goals previously considered unattainable. P101 is therefore the tale of an Italian success story, the account of a group of men who chased the future and, in a certain sense, an idea of freedom.

Author: Pier Giorgio Perotto
Series: no series
Publisher: Edizioni di Comunità
Language: Italian
Year: 2015
Pages: 128
ISBN: 9788898220397


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